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Foxtrot Wheel & Edge, Lafayette, Boulder Colorado


We are now you local source to buy and sell used bicycle and ski/snowboard equipment. If you are looking to buy please browse the online items on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed, or stop into the shop to see the items in person. If you are not local we will ship items to you via UPS, FedEx or USPS.


If you are looking to sell you items please see below under "How to Consign with Foxtrot" for details. If you have more questions, please stop by or give us a call. We are the only store to also feature your items online in order to reach a greater audience for a quicker more profitable sale.


How to Consign with Foxtrot


So you have some cycling or winter gear that you would like to sell:


  1. Gather up all the stuff that you no longer use or is collecting dust in the basement, garage, or around the house
  2. Bring it to us at Foxtrot Wheel & Edge
  3. We will sit down together and look through what you have and together decide on pricing or if you know what you would like to get for the items we can go that direction too.
  4. We will fill out the paperwork (or download the paper work and bring it in filled out)
  5. You can leave at this point and we will take care of the rest
  6. Check back regularly to see if your items have sold


(Please note that we have the right to refuse any item that we feel is no longer sell-able, in poor condition, or otherwise unsafe. If it's determined that we can't consign the item we will let you know how to go about recycling the item.)


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