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Why Service My Skis or Snowboard?


Edges: This is the most obvious of the required maintenance. Sharp edges improve control and safety on hard or icy conditions. A sharp edge, just like on ice-skates carves through icy conditions providing stability and a better turn. You will be safer as you will be in better control in all conditions and will be able to stop faster and avoid unforeseen obstacles.


Stone Grinding Base: Stone grinding removes the top layer of base getting rid of worn base material, dirt, old wax and opens the pores to accept new wax. Next it flattens the base to make the ski or board perfectly flat. Lastly a structure is added on the last pass which allows better speed by eliminating static and allowing the water in the snow to easily slide down the ski.


Wax: Wax is the most under applied product. Wax does not last the season. At most you may get ten days out of a good wax job. Wax not only makes your skis or board faster but it also protects the base. A base that is skied without wax will get burnt from the heat of friction that is built up as you slide across the snow. If your base looks white in any spots or is fuzzy you need more wax. Keeping the base waxed will prolong the life of you equipment. Also don't forget to wax those skis before putting them away for the summer. This will keep them from drying out and will also keep the rust off your edges.


Bindings: Just as you change the oil in your car your bindings need to be checked every year to make sure that they are releasing at the proper time. Also anytime that your height, weight, age or boots change, the settings of your bindings will change too. Don't leave it to chance, getting them checked can save you from injury in the event of a crash.


Snowboard Bindings: While there is no release to these bindings they need to be checked before every day on the slopes to make sure that all screws are tight and that nothing was broken during your last trip to the slopes. We do check all these things as a part of a full tune.



Race Tune

(Stone Grind w/ Hand Edge & Hot Iron Wax,

Your Bevel, you pick the temperature of wax to be applied)


Full Ski/Snowboard Tune

(P-Tex, Stone Grind, Edge & Hot Iron Wax)


Basic Ski/Snowboard Tune

(Stone Grind, Edge & Hot Iron Wax)

Base Repair $10.00/inch
Edge & Hot Wax $25.00
Hot Iron Wax $15.00
Binding Mount & Release Check $40.00
Release Check $25.00
Tele & XC Binding Mount $35.00


Please note that all service prices exclude parts.


Don't see the service that you are looking for please give us a call. 720-328-3340


We at Foxtrot Wheel & Edge employ the Sigma SBI from Wintersteiger as our ski & snowboard tuning machine because of its professional results and our ability to do anything to a ski or board that is required. By not using a fully automated machine we have better control and can achieve better results. We do all finish work by hand and do not use a roller to apply the wax, we wax and scrape all repairs by hand resulting in a better and longer lasting wax.


We guarantee all our work; if you don't like what you see upon pickup we will redo them for you at no additional charge. We will get your skis back to you the next day as long as they are dropped off Monday through Friday. Skis dropped off Saturday will be ready for pickup Monday night.